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Fire control panel WA Series is available in 2,4,6,8 zone sizes.
Housed in a light grey flame retardant ULV0 enclosure, designed to meet modern architectural surroundings, with a removable hinged door.

Technical Data

The unit somes with 2 sounder circuits , a fault relay, fire relay and a Class Change input. It has sounder delay and zone disable facilities, and has a 1 man test mode.

. Complies fully to EN54 Pt 2 & Pt 4
. Microprocessor based
. Built in detector removal line integrity (no need for active E.O.L.)
. Space for up to 2 x 7AH 12V SLA Batteries
. Battery charger short circuit protection
. Zone short circuit protection
. Fire change over relay output
. Fault change over relay output
. Class Change
. Top, Bottom & Rear Cable Entries
. Zone isolate facility
. One man test Facility
. Front Panel Short circuit indication
. Programmable External Sounder delay (0-9 minutes in 1 minute increments)
. Earth fault indication . Front panel delay override facility
. Suitable for surface & semi-flush installation
. CE Marked
. Meets the latest European low voltage directive
. Battery overcharge thermal protection
. IP 43





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